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Client Testimonials
I’ve always wanted to create an outdoor space that would suit my kids but the cost of getting in a landscaper has always been our issue. A friend of mine told me about Online Garden Design as her mother used the service and was extremely happy with the process and the result. As a surprise, my husband bought me a design from Online Garden design for Christmas. He thought it would be a great and rewarding experience for us and the kids to complete our new garden together. We explained to Dave that we wanted a child friendly and edible garden but it needed to be simple for us to complete as we had no idea about plants and how to create or build a garden, we have never been the green thumb types! Not only did we get a step by step design, we got a description of all plants and their origin and we all, including the kids, learnt so much about plants and how to look after our garden together. Dave happily answered any questions we had along the way. In the end the cost was nothing to us, it was worth every cent! The garden looks amazing and we use the space all the time. It’s has been really beautiful to see our kids enjoying the sunshine and they are so proud with what they have created. It has been a educational and fun experience for all of us, we all now have a greater appreciation of our environment and all it has to offer. Thank you Online Garden Design, you have made our house even more of a home!
Loz Jones, Sydney NSW
My wife had been at me to fix our gardens after we moved into our new house. We didn’t want to spend lots of money on a landscaper and I was keen to build the garden myself but needed a bit of help, so we decided to try Online Garden Design. Have to say, we were very happy with the results. The whole process was very easy, from providing our ideas to getting back an easy plan to follow, everything we wanted was in there. Dave was particularly helpful. I now have a great garden, happy wife and happy kids. Would definitely recommend Online Garden Design if you’re looking for an easy way to build your own garden.
Roger O’Neill, Perth WA
Online Garden Designs created a fantastic set of garden plans for our new house. The plans were sent through to us quickly and the process was very simple and easy. Dave understood exactly what we wanted to achieve with our garden and designed accordingly. We are excited and looking forward to starting to build our own garden based on these plans. Thank you!
Ross Mills, Brisbane QLD

I’ve been putting off redoing my garden for a while now, as I didn’t know where to start. A friend mentioned giving Online Garden Design a go and the prospect of being able to arrange my ideas in a succinct way and obtain advice online, in my own time was a huge bonus. Definitely recommend using Online Garden Design, my garden is now finished and looks exactly how I want it!


I found it so hard to try and figure out what company to use for the design of our new home garden. After reading a few reviews we decided to use Online Garden Design and I must say I am glad we did.
David was fantastic to work with from start to finish, even tho we had to make a couple of changes to the plans well after David had finished his side of the project he was more the happy to assist due to council requirement changes.
Over all a great service in a timely and friendly manner and I would highly recommend his service to anyone.
David really made what could be a stressful part of a house build Free-Flowing and Stress Free,
Thanks again David
All the best in the future


Diane Clark -Hornsby Heights, Sydney

Hi Dave,
Just a quick email to say thank you for your help in planning our backyard.
We only have a small space & your ideas / vision just fits perfectly with what we are trying to do.
Thank you very much

Noah Unchan

We moved into our home 3 years ago.  The house was nice but the garden was an awful mess.  We gutted the garden and then contacted Dave Limburg (director of Online Garden Design).  Dave designed a wonderful Japanese themed landscape which we had installed by a team of landscapers and did parts of the planting ourselves. It is one of the loveliest gardens and improves with age.  We receive compliments all the time on our garden which is all due to Dave’s creativity.  He is a brilliant landscape designer.


Diane Clark -Hornsby Heights, Sydney

Hi Dave,
Just a quick email to say thank you for your help in planning our backyard.
We only have a small space & your ideas / vision just fits perfectly with what we are trying to do.
Thank you very much

Derek – Sydney NSW

“Online Garden Designs were so easy to deal with. Our garden design was carefully thought out to incorporate kids in the garden, but at the same time be a beautiful landscape that we could entertain in. We are extremely happy with the end result. Our garden is constantly in use.”
“Having wanted to renovate our backyard for years but not know what to do was a frustrating situation. A friend recommended Online Garden Design, so we contacted them for a landscape redesign. The design was brilliant, it met all our needs first, but was stunning also. Our garden is a practical Japanese style Australian garden as we outlined in our questionnaire, we are thrilled with the result.”
“We highly recommend Online Garden Design landscape designers. The design process was very well thought out and individual. We received a brilliant, unique landscaped garden. The garden construction was very easy for us to do ourselves (with little DIY knowledge) following the how to guides included in our landscape package.”

“Online Garden Design created a set of landscape plans that were practical, easy to follow and looked fantastic! It it was a real pleasure to be able to do our own garden makeover. We’re very happy.”

“We were interested in building our own garden, but didn’t know where to start, or how to put it together. Online Garden Design designed a simply set of DIY instructions that we could follow step by step to create our own garden. It has been such a satisfying experience. Thank you.”

“We searched the net for landscape gardeners and landscape designers and found your site. We liked the idea of doing some of the work ourselves and having a professional design to work from. The plan was simple to follow and along with the do it yourself landscaping guides it was a simple process. The result was excellent, our garden is a perfect match for our lifestyle.”

“Online Garden Design are the best landscape design company we have dealt with! They created exactly what our brief outlined, catering for both our needs and wants.”
“We wanted to have a Japanese style garden and thought this would work well with our house. Dave Limburg designed a fantastic courtyard garden that fitted exactly what the design brief requested. We were very happy with the end result.”
“Our garden design arrived last week and we cannot wait to get stuck into building our own garden.”
We tried to design our own landscape garden for our small courtyard garden, but we couldn’t really get the landscape design elements to work together properly. Online Garden Design landscape design team put together a set of garden plans to work off that made sense. The plant selection was also perfect for our climate. Thank you.”
When searching the net for landscape designers we came across your website. We always wanted to get involved in the construction of our own garden, but previous landscaping works we had attempted didn’t really work very well. Your garden guides and thorough landscape plan was exactly what we needed!
“Online Garden Design did a brilliant job of designing our garden. The result was a tropical oasis garden, inspired by our beloved Bali. Thank you.”


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