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“Online Garden Design offers Landscape Designer Garden Plans at an Affordable Price – DIY Landscaping Packages and Garden Guides.”

Online Garden Designs create professional Landscape Designs for the Do It Yourself Gardener, designing tailor made, unique and thorough designs. Custom made landscape designs for property owners wanting to renovate their own garden, do a garden makeover themselves or simply wanting an involved garden design process before handing the design over to a contractor to quote on and build. Each garden is individually designed by a landscape designer, resulting in professional garden layout and amazing finished product.

Our unique online garden design business was born from consistently receiving requests for landscape design services and a complete how to package for homeowners looking to build their own garden, receiving the full satisfaction without the frustration of not having a plan to work to, putting hard structures in the wrong place or planting plants that are not suitable.

Each garden should be a reflection of the client and be suited to their needs and desires, it should also compliment the architecture of the house and extend the living area outside. By using soft organic lines where possible and careful placement of materials the garden can be transformed from a dull, harsh, geometric shape to a soft, flowing space. Careful placement of plants to harmonise with this organic design creates a relaxing space. A garden should be a sensory experience, Online Garden Design caters to all the senses.

All gardens are designed with the client in mind and geared towards their needs. An area for entertaining, relaxing, the kids or just a pleasant view can all be created with these elements in mind. We offer an original, distinctive landscape design philosophy. Our designs incorporate an Australian sense of place, fused with a natural, gentle garden aesthetic. This balance delivers a unique and memorable landscape garden design, pleasing to the eye, yet also highly practical.

Through the use of a unique design philosophy, Online Garden Designs create soft, tranquil environments that leave a lasting effect.

Our head Landscape Designer – Dave Limburg has over 15 years experience designing and building landscape gardens.

  “Online Garden Designs have been fantastic, they redesigned an unloved back yard
into a wonderfully creative, garden oasis. We had previously tried landscaping our own yard without any clear direction, it was very frustrating!
Using Online Garden Designs plans we have built our own lovely garden, It was a thorough satisfying process knowing that we were working to a professional landscape plan. An incredible difference, we’re very happy.”

Landscape Design Packages
Landscape Plan – A complete, unique working landscape plan including all features, hard landscaping, building materials and plants clearly outlined. This Landscape Plan is concise enough to work off with all garden elements clearly outlined. Each Landscape Plan is a custom made design based on your wants, needs and tastes.
Construction Documentation – Accompanying the landscape plan we will also outline the construction method and materials
to be used to build the garden. Clearly outlining all stages of the process to avoid any confusion. These will be outlined in easy DIY construction guides, such as – ‘How to Lay Paving’. This will also include a access to planting lists and sample images of trees, shrubs, and ground covers.
Plant List – In conjunction with the landscape design plan and construction outline we will provide you with a complete outline of all plants suggested for your garden taking into account climate, aspect, soil type. A thorough outline of each suggested plant will be available via our website including maintenance instructions, and suggested similar alternative plants.
Landscape Maintenance Guide – This includes a wide variety of ongoing garden maintenance guidelines such as lawn care, pruning and fertilising to ensure your beautiful new garden is kept in great shape.
Ongoing Garden Advice – Along with this package we offer one year of free garden consultation advice. If you have any questions, queries or comments we will happily answer those for you within 24 hours.

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