Do It Yourself (DIY) Landscape Guides

DIY Landscape Construction Guides Sample
Construction Guides – Accompanying the landscape plan we will also outline the construction method and materials
to be used to build the garden. Clearly outlining all stages of the process to avoid any confusion. These will be outlined in easy DIY construction guides, such as – ‘How to Lay Paving’. This will also include a planting list and sample images of the proposed trees, shrubs, and ground covers.


Do It Yourself Guides (DIY guides)

Do It Yourself Garden Guides

How to Lay Pavers
Improving your Soil
Building a Flagstone Walkway
Building a Picket Fence
Building a Raised Garden
Building a Retaining Wall
Building Garden Steps
Creating Planting Beds
Drainage in Your Garden
Grading your Garden
Guide to Pruning Shrubs and Trees
Guide to Removing Trees
Installing a Drip Irrigation System
Installing a Garden Pond
Installing and Repairing Lawns
Installing Lawn Edging
Installing Low Voltage Lighting
Installing Dry River Bed Feature



how to lay pavers

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