Yucca Elephantipes – Yucca

Yucca Elephantipes – Yucca

Yucca Elephantipes is a beautiful and low maintenance plant belongs from lily family. This plant is commonly known as Yacca and scientifically calls as Yucca Elephantipes tree as well.  This plant is also native to Guatemala as well as Southeast Mexico regions of the world. Now, it is grown in most of the regions of the world with proper care and maintenance. This plant is also getting more popularity in landscaping works or requirement.

Height: 1.2 m high

Uses:  This kind of yuccas is mostly used as framing specimen within building side and walkways. Used in both large landscaping works and small yard as well. Also, it is well grown in indoor and containers for decoration.

Planting tips: Plant in well drained soil.

Soil type: Acidic or alkaline including drained soil is more suitable for this plant growth.

Aspect: Full sun or shade is suitable for this plant.

Pruning: Not needed

Water requirement: Grows in well drained soils.

Feeding: Feed with low amount of fertilizer during blooming time keep this plant healthy.

Pests and problems: Bugs like spider mite is causing some problems for this plant.

Climate: Most part of Australia are suitable for this plant growth.


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