Viburnum Tinus – Laurustinus Viburnum

Viburnum Tinus – Laurustinus Viburnum

Viburnum tinus is considered as an evergreen plant growing to 3.5 meter by 3.5 meter at a very fast rate. It grows primarily in the Mediterranean maquis as well as in oak forests. It prefers moist, shady areas for better growth. It is really renowned evergreen shrub that cultivated world over regarding its winter flowering practice in areas with mild winters.

Height: Up to 3.5 meters tall

Uses: As a flowering hedge

Planting tips: You should select a planting area that obtains partial or full sunlight for 5 to 6 hours per day. Viburnum tinus favors rich loamy soil for better growth. While planting you should dig a hole that’s adequate to lodge the shrub’s root ball as well as 2 to 3 times as wide.

Soil type: It grow well in rich loamy soil

Pruning: If you don’t prune this shrub in timely manner it can grow up to six to eight feet tall. You can prune the dead branches any time of the year. However, the best time of pruning this plant is immediately after flowering. Pruning in the early spring enables you eradicate any tissues killed by unusual winter cold.

Water requirement: Make sure to water densely right after the plantation

Pest and problem: This plant can be affected by pest like viburnum beetle, so you should be careful about it.

Climate: It grows well in Australian regions


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