Russelia Equisetiformis – Coral Plant

Russelia Equisetiformis – Coral Plant

Russelia equisetiformis is one of the native plants of Tropical Mexico and America, which commonly known as coral plant belong from Plantaginaceae as well.  This type of deciduous shrub is evergreen and grows in most of the seasons of year by getting good care, soil and suitable climatic conditions.  This plant is suitable for hacking basket for home or office décor include small and complete green leaves to keep any part more attractive and energetic. In good conditions this plant blooms most of the year.

Height: one or less meter and spread one to two meter area as well.

Uses: Russelia equisetiformis is mostly grown within hanging basket and suitable for indoor and patio for attractive looks. Now, this plant also used in both indoor and outdoor decoration.

Planting tips: Russelia equisetiformis grown in moisture soil and medium and average sun light area. This plant is suitably grown in garden and indoor area for home décor.

Soil type: medium, average, and well drained soils.

Aspect: Complete sun light as well as partial shade.

Pruning: less or now Pruning require for this plant growth but keep it root area clear requires to quick and health growth. 

Water requirement: Medium water required for this plant but regular water during summer or hot season keep this plant green and healthy.

Feeding: It is essential before flowering and booming time more essential for quick growth.  

Pests and problems: Russelia equisetiformis dose not disease as well as insect like problems.

Climate:  Most of the regions of Australia suitable for this plant growth.


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