Rhoeo Discolor – Moses-In-The-Cradle

Rhoeo Discolor – Moses-In-The-Cradle

Rhoeo discolor is commonly known as Moses-in-the-cradle and Three-man-in-a-boat, which is belongs from Commelinaceae family. Central America is considered as native region of this plant but now appear in most parts of worlds due to several advantages. Rhoeo are commonly grown as a contrasting foliage ground cover. This species has combinations of 2 colors leaves – deep green upper side and purple or red in underside.

Height: 30 cm High and Spread: 40 to 50 cm.

Uses: An attractive tropical looking foliage plant grown as a groundcover.

Planting tips: Very tough, but best results if grown in well prepared and moist soil combine with proper fertiliser.

Soil type: Different kind of soil with proper fertilise can keep this plant healthy and active. Cold temperature with well drained soil can keep this plant away from any sorts of problems.

Aspect:  Partial shade and full sun regions are more suited for this plants growth.

Pruning: This plant is required less or no pruning but it is more sensitive to extreme cold temperature.

Water requirement: Low. Extra will however improve the growth.

Feeding: Growth rate of this plant is slow, so small amount of fertiliser applied at the time of pruning.

Pests and problems: This plant has a high tolerance to pests and problems.

Climate: Topical regions of Australia are suitable for this plant growth.  


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