Pyrus Ussuriensis – Manchurian Pear

Pyrus Ussuriensis – Manchurian Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis is a renowned medium sized tree which flowers very early in the spring and it also has dazzling autumn leaf color that’s held well over the branches. This tree is used in larger landscapes such as large gardens and parks. It is also called as Manchurian Pear

Height: Nine meters tall and with seven meters spread.

Uses: It is an ideal specimen or street tree. It has been extensively utilized in several situations comprising as a shade tree in lining driveways, parks and avenues under nature strips and powerlines.

Planting tips: You should not plant it in extreme warm regions and in compacted soil

Soil type: It prefers fertile and well drained soil rich in natural matter. However it struggle within compacted soil, so be careful about it.

Aspect: Full sun

Pruning: Pruning is hardly ever needed, apart from shaping a well formed tree, with a vital leader within the early phases.  Fertilize while planting and once more when novel growth appears every year.

Water requirement: Water it while normal rainfall doesn’t offer the preferred one inch of moisture that most of the plants prefer. However, average water is required throughout the growing season, but be careful not over water. The 1st 2 years following a plant is planted, continual watering is essential.

Pests and problem: Aphids will assault novel plants as it emerges. However, petal blight could affect the flowers in mainly wet springs.

Climate: This plant grows very well in most of the regions of Australia especially in South Australia region.


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