Pratea Pedunculata – Pratea

Pratea Pedunculata – Pratea

Pratea pedunculata is a usual ground cover from Australia which has loads of deep-green evergreen leaves over its creeping stalks, which are studded with purple white blossoms all summer. Grows best in damp soil and semi shade. It’s functional as blossoming ground cover within rock gardens as well as borders and containers. However, you should be aware that it doesn’t multiply rapidly.

Height: 5 cm high

Uses: This plant is used as ground cover, edging, container, alpine and rock gardens. It is also utilised as a lawn replacement.

Planting tips: It prefers full sun or partial shade. It can also grow under shrubs with no direct sun light. Keep in mind that, this plant doesn’t like to be too damp for long periods, hence it require excellent drainage system.

Soil type: It does well in normal, sandy or clay soil.

Pruning: None needed, but thin back to reduce spreading too far.

Water requirement: Doesn’t require much water once established. However, it requires proper watering during the 1st growing season.

Pests and problem: No real pests problem found in this plant.

Climate: Australian regions like New South Wales and Melbourne suits this plant most.


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