Photinia Robusta – Photinia

Photinia Robusta – Photinia

Photinia robusta is a dynamic, evergreen, thickly foliaged bush with oval, sleek, dark green leaves, which are coppery-red while young. It is also a brilliant and admired hedging shrub that provides flushes of brilliant red plants in spring as well as after pruning. It’ll grow up to three meters but can be pruned to any size as per your requirement.

Height: three to four meter tall and two to three meter width

Uses: it is a wonderful quickly growing hedge plant regarding privacy

Planting tips: it can be planted in cool, temperate, mid tropical, arid, and semi arid climate. Fertilize it regularly and ensure regular watering is performed

Soil type: Photinia robusta grows well in fertile, moist and well drained soil. You must keep it in partial sun shade for better growth.

Pruning: Photinia robusta needs pruning two times a year and this could be performed in spring or autumn. Keep in mind; you should always feed the plant at the time of pruning for encouraging new growth. However, you should never trim in the mid of the day while it’s extremely hot since the shrub will experience stress and might start to fade. Always prune late afternoon or early morning.

Water requirement: it is extremely drought tolerant in terms of water requirements

Pests and problem: It’ll also depress slugs, snails and several other kinds of pests. However it’s susceptible to some mother kinds of pests.

Climate: it grows well in tropical climates, so most of the Australian regions suits for the plant growth.


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