Nandina Domestica Nana – Dwarf Nandina

Nandina Domestica Nana – Dwarf Nandina

Nandina domestica Nana is considered as a dwarf diversity of the Japanese Holy Bamboo or sacred bamboo, unlike bamboo Nandina domestica Nana isn’t destructive or invasive. By being dwarf mixture Nandina domestica Nana grows to about thirty centimeters tall as well as thirty centimeter wide. Its plant changes colour from red to lighter green while the plant matures.

Height: Grows to 50 centimeters in height

Uses: Ideal for enclosing either clipped as an official evade or left organic as a casual hedge. It also makes an excellent colour statement within any garden whether within planter cases or extreme lighting other shrubs such as darker foliage planting or Specimen Trees. Most importantly this hedge need very low maintenance and also frost resistant and could be utilized in coastal planting.

Planting tips: Grows well within a sunlit to partially shaded place in fertile and well drained soil. It is tolerant of heat as well as dry conditions.

Soil type: It tolerates most soils as well as conditions

Aspect: Full sun to semi shade

Pruning: Regular pruning is required to maintain the desired size as well as compact habit. You should fertilize as well as mulch it in spring.

Water requirement: Regular watering is required for this pant but you should not water it excess. Excess fertilizing should be avoided also.

Pests and problem: This plant is extremely pest resistant

Climate: Australian region like Sydney suits for this plant’s growth.


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