Lomandra Longifolia – Basket Grass

Lomandra Longifolia – Basket Grass

The Lomandra longifolia is the native plant throughout Australia. It is mostly used for road side plantation and equipped with a great resistant against drought and frost. This is also known as Basket Grass.

Height: 40cm or up to 1m long and eight to twelve mm in width.

Uses: The Lomandra longifolia is basically used for the road side plantation. As this is a leaf plant and having higher level of drought tolerance it is used in this fashion.

Planting tips: This has been considered as the evergreen grass in Australia, as here they are now growing thinner leaves of this plant successfully.

Soil type: The Lomandra longifolia can grow in a different soil types. This plant is having amazing tolerance against drought, heat and frost. It can also grow better in the moist soil. Heavy clay and light sandy type soil is also great for this plant to grow.

Aspect: Even under minus seven degree temp, this plant can stay green. .

Pruning: In every three to four years, the Lomandra longifolia requires pruning. In order to get it done, you can cut just back-half of the plant in order to get the ball like shape.

Water requirement: They need water but these plants will handle very dry conditions.

Feeding:  During the pruning time, this plant may require to be feed.

Pests and problems: Places affected due to wet winter as well as cooler summers can generate real problems for the survival of this plant.

Climate:   It can grow across Australia