Gardenia Augusta ‘Radicans’- Commonly Known as Dwarf Gardenia!

Gardenia Augusta ‘Radicans’- Commonly Known as Dwarf Gardenia!

gardenia radicans

Gardenia Augusta ‘Radicans’ is an attractive and low growing plant, which commonly known as Dwarf Gardenia and scientifically Gardenia Augusta ‘Radicans’  as well.  This plant is having evergreen leaf, which generally considered as garden plant for household use and decoration. This kind of plant can boost the value and look of your garden, which looks more attractive and beautiful.

Height: Less than one meter.

Uses: Mainly use in decorative and ground cover.

Planting tips:  Gardenia Augusta ‘Radicans’ planting is based on several aspects of soil and climatic condition that gardener need to follow to make attractive garden or landscape with this plant.

Soil type: neutral acid and well drained soil include peat moss more essential to keep this plant problems free and proper growth as well. Keep this plant weed free to get better outcome.

Aspect: Complete or half sun for quick and active growth.

Pruning:  Prune of small garden after last bloom in summer to remove stunted, thin and damaged branches or spent blooms are essential to keep this plant perfect and smoother growth as well.

Water requirement: Small Gardenia Augusta ‘Radicans’ are requiring perfect watering in each and every week. Keep soil moist and avoid soggy to keep this plant well feeding and growth as well.

Feeding: Feed the small garden with rose-formula and acidic fertilizer once within every 3 weeks within summer.  You can also start feeding after 1st blush of flowers as per the requirement for smoother growth.

Pests and problems: Less or improper sun light cause more problems for the growth and development of this plant.

Climate: Suitable for most of the parts of Australia.


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