Ficus Pumila – Climbing Fig and Creeping Fig

Ficus Pumila – Climbing Fig and Creeping Fig

Ficus pumila is commonly known climbing fig and creeping fig, which is one kind of species of evergreen flowering plant. This plant is belongs from Moraceae family and native to East Asia regions.  This plant is having thinner and smaller leaves in growing stages apart from mature. This plant is now used mostly in home and commercial décor and keeping indoor area cool during summer. Ficus pumila is perfect and excellent option for landscaping and gardening works to make beautiful and energetic atmosphere.

Height:  Ten to fifteen feet and Spread: Three to six feet

Uses: Ficus pumila is mostly used in gardening and landscaping works within both commercial and personal setting to keep the area attractive and cool as a climber to cover buildings.

Planting tips: This plant is known as low maintenance plant but regular care and feeding helps it for quick growth and development.

Soil type: Well drained and moist soil is keeping this plant’s root area cool that it comfortably grow and stay healthy as well.

Aspect: Shade or sun as well as indoor location is considered as suitable zone for this plant growth.

Pruning: Pruning and shaping keeps this plant in good shape.

Water requirement: Regular watering to help establish.

Feeding: Not required.

Pests and problems: It is a low maintenance plant and fewer problems arise as well.

Climate: This plant is suitably grown in most parts of Australia.