Draceana Draco – Canary Islands Dragon Tree

Draceana Draco – Canary Islands Dragon Tree

Draceana draco, also known as the drago or Canary Islands dragon tree, is considered as a subtropical plant in the class dracaena, local to the Canary islets, Maderia, Cape Verde and locally within western Morcocco, as well as introduced to the Arzores. Most importantly this tree considered as the natural sign of the islet of Tenerife, together with the Blue Chaffinch.

Height: Four metres

Uses: An interesting feature plant

Planting tips: You should pant it in semi shade area

Soil type: It require well drained soil for better growth

Water requirement: Low. Water this plant carefully throughout the year.

Feed: Not needed.

Pruning: Prune away as well as discard the damaged leaves as they emerge on the plant. Be cautious no to cut the branch or trunks while you trim the shrub, since it give up a thick red sap that will stain your clothing and skin.

Pests and problems: None of note.

Climate: Australian wide


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