Dracaena Tricolor – Dracaena Marginata!

Dracaena Tricolor – Dracaena Marginata!

Dracaena tricolor is an appealing, stiff leaved plant with colorful flora that sometime goes by the surname of dragon tree. These are rough drought tolerant shrubs with insistent toot system what make wonderful houseplants. These are evergreen trees and most of the time crowded towards the tip. It bears tiny greenish white flowers followed by red or orange berries.

Height: Eight to fifteen feet

Uses: It can be used as an ornamental plant in garden and patio. It also has medicinal properties.

Planting tips: This plant performs its very best in subtropical and tropical gardens. It manages with considerably cold winters but not frost. It likes full sun and well drained soil for best growth. In fact, this is 1 of the easiest shrubs to care for. You can apply a balanced liquid manure from spring to autumn to keep it moist.

Soil type: It require moist but well drained soil for best growing condition. It can also perform well in clay, sand, chalk or loam soil.

Aspect: South facing, east facing or west facing

Water requirement: It requires regular watering but should not be overwatered.

Pruning: Just trim out some of the stick like stalks in spring to assist promote an excellent branching habit.

Pests and problem: Scale insects and glasshouse red spider mite can be a problem in such plants. However, it is generally a disease free plant. If you are growing this plant indoor, then you must be careful about mealybugs.

Climate: It performs well in most of Australian region.