Cycas Revoluta – Japanese Sago Palm

Cycas Revoluta – Japanese Sago Palm

Cycas revolute – Cycad is a genus of gymnosperm within the family Cycadaceae, local to southern Japan. Cycads aren’t closely associated to the true palm. This extremely symmetrical plant sustain a crown of glossy dark-green leaves over a thick hairy trunk that’s generally about twenty centimeter in diameters and sometimes wider as well. Its trunk could branch several times, hence producing manifold heads of leaves.

Height: Up to two metres

Uses: You can see this plant in most of the botanical gardens. It is also massively promoted commercially as a countryside plant.

Planting tips: Cycas revolute don’t like to be planted within a low region where it may remain continuously damp, it do well while established within a well drained region or while established just above the ground level. You must choose region that enable plenty of open spaces for potential growth of this plant.

Soil type: The soil for this plant must be well drained as well as rich in humus, though these shrubs seem to grow in any soil.

Water requirement:  Water daily in hot conditions

Pruning:  Regular pruning is essential to maintain this plant in the best possible manner since it grows its branches very quickly.  However, you should have proper tool to prune this plant in the best possible manner.

Pests and problems:  It can face occasional attacks of mealy bugs. You can use n insecticidal soap to terminate the scale.

Climate: Cycads grow well in almost all Australian region


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