Clivea Miniata – Clivea

Clivea Miniata – Clivea

Clivea miniata is one kind of species of flowering plant within genus Clivia and belongs from Amaryllidaceae family. This plant is also native to moist forest habitats of South Africa. This plant is commonly known as Natal lily, clivia and bush lily. Flowers of this plant appears in different colors like orange, yellow and red with faint but sweet perfume.  This plant is also mostly known within cultivations as Kaffir lily. Minimum 10 °C temperature is more helpful for this plant growth and development.

Height: 50 cm high.

Uses: This plant is mostly used as an ornamental plant within any kind or size of garden including indoor and outdoor area to keep this place attractive and eye catching.

Planting tips: This kind of plant is grown well in moist soil and minimal sun light area with proper care and lookout.

Soil type: Well drained and moist type soil helps this plant’s root to be cool, which helps this for quick and healthy growth.

Aspect: Shade or half shade and indoor location is helping this plant to bloom well.

Pruning: Minimal pruning before flowering time like late winter or early spring helps this plant

Water requirement: Regular medium watering is helping this plant moist to bloom well.

Feeding: Little amount of feeding during pruning produces excellent results.

Pests and problems: No problems appear under proper care and feeding.

Climate:  Most areas of Australia.


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