Brachyscome multifida- Cut-leaved Daisy

Brachyscome multifida- Cut-leaved Daisy

Brachyscome multifida is one kind of perennial herb belong from Asteraceae family and known in various names such as: Hawkesbury Daisy, Rocky Daisy, and Cut-leaved Daisy. This species grows wildly in most parts of Australia. This attractive and most beautiful container plant comes in various colors like mauve, pink, yellow, deep blue, pale and striking yellow centres. This plant also has long flowering periods with less water and maintenance from end of winter to start of autumn. So, this plant is more popular as an ornamental plant.

Height: Up to 40 cm and Spreading

Uses:  This is an outstanding rockery as well as container plant used within soft edges and decorative purpose. Spring and summer is the flowering time of this plant while it used in garden, park and commercial decoration to make attractive atmosphere.

Planting tips: Planting before spring helpful for better flowering. 16°C growing temperature is helps this plant for quick and healthy growth.

Soil type: Moist and well drained soil helps this plant for growth and flowering.

Aspect: Full sun to part shade.

Pruning: Light pruning before flowering boosts flowering.

Water requirement: Moist type of soil helps this plant a lot, so regular watering is helpful.

Feeding: Feeding before spring helps.

Pests and problems: Excess dryness with hot sun light may cause some problems.

Climate:  Most parts of Australia.


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