Banksia Integrifolia – White Mountain Banksias

Banksia Integrifolia – White Mountain Banksias

Banksia integrifolia is generally known as White Mountain banksias, which is one type of subspecies of the Banksia. This plant is suitably grown within Blue Mountains as well as northern New South Wales regions of Australia and many other parts of world as well. There are many types of species of this plant appear in many parts of Australia. This plant includes deep green color leaves in upper side as well as white color in underside.

Height: 10 meters and it vary as per different regions and climate.

Uses: This plant is considered as flexible and hardy garden plant. So, it is widely appear in most of the parts of Australia. This is a popular option for parks as well as streetscapes.

Planting tips: There are not any certain specifications for tree planting requirement but it grown well in well maintained and moist area.

Soil type: Moist soil is suitable for this plant growth and development.

Aspect: Full sun.

Pruning: As needed.

Water requirement: Too much watering can cause damage.

Feeding: No feeding required.

Pests and problems: Regular care keeps this plant away from any sorts of problems.

Climate: Suitable for many parts of Australia due to right soil and climate condition.