Creating An Edible Garden

Edible Garden Design Ideas
Create a Edible Garden Landscape Design – Beautiful, edible garden Ideas, tips and photos. Landscaping inspiration for your garden of Eden. Productive, edible landscape plants, garden ideas and plans.Star Small - Project - Ros trial garden

Edible gardens are often considered ugly and messy. We are going to show you how to create a beautiful edible garden design that produces an abundant harvest of fruit and vegetables and edible herbs.

Often people want to grow their own food at home but don’t want a productive garden that looks ugly! But before you start your edible landscape plans, here are a few landscape design secrets to achieving a beautiful productive garden design;

Garden Structure

Structure is the key to a good garden design. Make sure your garden has a good permanent layout, the hard landscaping elements are in the right place and the garden is oriented correctly. Next look at adding permanent soft landscaping structure by using edible free trees and vines to add strong permanent foliage structure. Edible trees that work well as hedges include – Apples, Plums, Apricots, Nectarines and Citrus. Grapes are a great permanent vine for your garden that will add structure to an arbor or pergola. Strong blocks of foliage in your garden is important because it adds permanent structure, as opposed to vegetables and flowering plants which come and go season to season. Clump your plants to achieve bold displays of foliage colour.


Colour in the garden can also be highlighted by using various landscaping materials of different forms, textures and colours, such as light coloured pebbles and dark paver stepping stones.


Permaculture design and permaculture principles. David Holmgren with Bill Mollison developed the concept of permaculture. Permaculture design process is all about creating edible spaces that maximise the productivity of your garden and increase biodiversity. Permaculture design also works on the principle of effective and efficient use of your garden, for example planting the most commonly used plants and herbs closest to the house. Animals are also often integrated into a permaculture garden design this includes chickens for eggs and bees for honey. Chooks also make great pets for kids.Herb garden

Landscape Design

Ensure that your landscape design is an open, free form style. Avoid ridge straight lines and formal hedges. Try and add contrasting clumps of foliage to create informal blocks of colour. Winding, flowing pathways and garden rooms add a sense of intrigue to your garden design. Also try and use fruit trees instead of ornamental trees where possible, they will serve the same purpose, but also provide food! Below are some examples of espalier fruit trees – Citrus, Apples and Plums.

edible plum hedgeedible apple hedgeespalier edible hedge

Edible Plants

Edible gardens can be crammed full of a wide variety of edible fruit, vegetables and herbs here is a list of edible plants for your garden;

Natal Plum
Midyim Berry

Low Hedge
Chilean Gauva
Lemon Myrtle
Lemon Verbena
Chinese Date
Mountain Pepper

Tall Hedge
Pineapple Gauva
Strawberry Gauva
Bay Tree
Capulin Cherry
Lilly Pillies
Citrus – Orange, Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Kafir Lime, Lemonade

Vines and Climbers

Shade Trees

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