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Landscape Design Software vs Custom Landscape Design Packages
There are a number of landscape design software programs available including; Google Sketchup, Real Time Landscaping plus, Smartdraw, Broderbund 3D Home Landscape Designer Deluxe 5, DiComp Garden Composer 3D, Garden Planner, Floorplan 3D, CAD, GSP Geoff Hamilton’s Garden Designer, Punch! Master Landscape and Home Design, Better Homes and Gardens, Virtual Garden Design Tool, Garden Design Plans or Design garden online for free.

These landscape design software programs allow users to create an aesthetically pleasing landscape garden design, however they don’t offer any input on what plants will grow well in your area, or experienced ideas on preferred layouts of hard landscaping elements, garden design elements that will suit your house or guides on how to build what you have designed.


Online Garden Designs create custom designed landscape plans using your garden needs and wants.


Landscape Design Package Samples
Each Landscape Design Package is unique and individually designed for each clients specific wants and needs. Within each package will be included;
Upon payment for your Landscape Design Package we will send you out a simply questionnaire asking about you needs, wants and taste and some simple site analysis. Along with this questionnaire, we ask for 5-10 photos of your site and a rough outline of the dimensions of your property. Our landscape designer will consider your responses and photos of the site and create a unique garden that perfectly suits your needs and wants. We will look at suitable garden styles, building materials, plants and garden features to suit you and your garden space.
Following this online consultation process we will prepare your unique landscape plan.


Complete Landscape Plan Sample
Landscape Plan – At this stage we will prepare a drawing of your proposed garden space, including hard landscaping features such as paving, water features, decks as well as plant species and building materials to be used. Each landscape plan is uniquely designed and presented to you as a computer software landscape plan. All features incorporated will be based upon your wants and needs list. We will simply make this garden wish list aesthetically pleasing and practical. This plan can be used by you as a DIY garden guide or given to a contractor to build the garden following the clear and concise plans.
Do It Yourself (DIY) Landscaping Guides Sample
Construction Documentation – Accompanying the landscape plan we will also outline the construction method and materials
to be used to build the garden. Clearly outlining all stages of the process to avoid any confusion. These will be outlined in easy DIY (Do It Yourself) construction guides, such as – ‘How to Lay Paving’. This will also include a planting list and sample images of the proposed trees, shrubs, and ground covers.
DIY Paving Image
Planting Outline Sample
Plant List – In conjunction with the landscape design plan and construction outline we will provide you with a complete outline of all plants suggested for your garden taking into account climate, aspect, soil type and your taste. A thorough outline of each suggested plant will be included in the package including maintenance instructions, and suggested similar alternative plants.
Plant Profile
Landscape Maintenance Program Sample
Landscape Maintenance Guide – This includes a wide variety of ongoing garden maintenance guidelines such as lawn care, pruning and fertilising to ensure your beautiful new garden is kept in great shape.
lawn care guideLandscape Maintenance Schedule
Your complete landscaping package is emailed to you on completion.

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