Correa Alba – White Correa

Correa Alba generally called as White Correa, is a plant which is widespread in Australia. It grows to 1.5m in height, has red-brown furry new escalation. The leaves are closing spherical to ovate as well as have a cuneate or round base and a curved tip. They’re 1.5 to 3.5 centimeter long, 1 to 2.7 centimeter wide with a shaved or upper base and tomentose inferior façade. The white or rarely light pink 4 petalled blossoms normally emerge amid early winter and mid autumn.

Height: It grows up to 1.5 meter tall

Uses: Correa Alba makes a resilient rockery shrub or broad garden plant. Its low spreading practice makes it a versatile plant regarding smaller gardens. It could be utilized as a hedge plant also.

Planting tips: It grows best in complete sun to partial shade in most of the well drained soil kinds. It requires very less maintenance once established. It might benefit from the infrequent feed with a steady release lower phosphorus fertilizer.

Soil type: It performs well in most of the well drained soil type.

Pruning: Might also gain from tip pruning to maintain a dense habit. In fact, mulching about the base will assist to preserve moisture.

Water requirement: It requires regular watering but not excess watering

Feeding: It should be feed with a steady release lower phosphorus fertilizer.

Pests and problems: It is absolutely problem free in terms of pests and diseases.

Climate: Australian climate is suitable for this plant growth.

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