When To Plan A New House Garden

When To Plan A New House Garden

All too often people plan their new house, go through the design process with the architects, start building the new house, move into their new home, and then finally start on the garden.

You should really start to think about the garden design and layout when you are looking to buy the block. House and garden should compliment each other.

Here are some things to consider when you are looking at buying land and planning your new house:

  • You should aim for a House and Garden, so don’t try to squeeze too much house onto the block. Australians love living outside and maximising the connection between house and garden.
  • For most of the downstairs room the garden will be your view, make sure you have enough room to build a picture outside your main living areas.
  • North and West are the sides of the house which will get the hottest and strongest sun.
  • The East side will get the morning sun but can be shaded and cooler for an outdoor entertaining area on summer evenings.
  • The South side can be a problem with limited sun. A good place for a fernery, storage area for bins and other utilities.
  • If you have a dog the South side is be the best place for a dog run. This help to protect the plants in your main garden areas.
  • Building your garden is going to be easier if you have good access to the garden. Either have a decent path to the back, or a wider than normal door at the back of the garage.
  • A cheap way of filling your garden is to buy tube stock when you buy the land and replant in pots. By the time you move you will have larger plants at less than half the price of the equivalent size from the nursery.

I am not saying you need to plan all the details but the earlier you start the more time you will have to plan before you move.

Guest Blog by Brian Ashworth
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