Renovating to Sell

Renovating to Sell – Four great curb appeal ideas to maximise your selling price

Guest Blog by Jane Eyles-Benn​ett of Hotspace Consultants

Renovating the exterior of your home is a great way to attract potential buyers when selling. If you’re planning a renovation soon, then this is one area to get looking just right. It’s the first thing your buyer sees so making a good first impression is imperative. Without a great looking exterior, your potential buyers may very well dismiss your property when they see it on the internet. Or – if they do make it down your street – drive right on past without even getting out of their car.

There is little point in having a beautifully renovated bathroom and kitchen inside the house if the first impression of your property is not a good one.

If it’s a property you’ve owned for a while, step back and try to look at the property with ‘fresh eyes’. What does it really look like? What don’t you see anymore because you are so used to it?

Firstly, what is your budget? Be sure not to over-capitalise (spend more on your renovation than the value the renovation is going to add) – particularly if you are renovating to sell and not holding on to it for a reasonable period.

Now you have a dollar figure to work to, you can begin to figure out what you can afford to actually do.

Sometimes, you’ll need a complete top-to-toe renovation. Other times you need to make do with some clever tweaks.

Here are 4 Top Tips to get your creative juices flowing…

1) Create a focal point: A focal point at the front of a home is so important. Most times this will be the front door or entry point. If you don’t have an obvious entry point, then now might be the time to create one. To do this, you can use contrasting colours or materials or add a new portico, porch and landscaping. A simple and modern effect can often be created without too much effort or cost.

2) Create an inviting feeling home: Try to create an inviting feeling about the property. You’ll have loads of renovating ideas, but in general it’s best to avoid a fence that is too high or spindle messy plants or large trees that block the house too much. The Japanese do ‘inviting’ very well as they create ‘intrigue’ that draws a person further and further in. If you can’t see the front door from the road, then you at least see something that inspires you to move towards the house. And when you get there, you see something else that inspires you to move forward – and so on. A winding pathway, or a small water feature will help to add to this intrigue. Avoid any sort of big block or barrier as this will make the house feel uninviting and therefore unattractive and unappealing to your potential buyers.

3) Give the property visual ‘substance’: Creating a ‘visual weight’ at the base of the house will anchor and stabilise it – which is a good thing! There are several ways to do this, but an easy one is to use landscaping. Add attractive, low maintenance plants around the house to soften the overall look of the house. Plants with colourful foliage is a great way of making the garden attractive without relying on fickle flowers – flaxes, cordylines and ornamental grasses are great for achieving this. Another way is to use a darker material or colour at the base of the house (when the style of house allows). This is even more important when the house is raised from the road.

4) Improve the ‘crispness’ of the exterior: Crisp, sharp lines and neutral colours (perhaps with a punchy accent somewhere) are what help to create a modern look to a home. Strip the gardens of anything fussy and give it a clean look with a few key structured plants (Dave is the master at this one!). Water-blast dirty driveways, paths and decks to instantly help achieve a crisp, clean effect too. Make sure the letterbox is in tip-top shape. A letterbox is like a book cover; it’s only a small thing but it speaks volumes about what’s inside the house!

Jane Eyles-Benn​ett of Hotspace Consultants

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