Westringea Fruticosa – Coastal Rosemary

Westringea Fruticosa – Coastal Rosemary

Westringea fruticosa is one type of dense evergreen shrub, which wildly appears within coast of eastern Australia.  This evergreen plant is commonly known as coastal rosemary and belongs from Lamiaceae family as well. This plant is flowering throughout the year but mostly appears during spring to summer in huge amount.  Small white and attractive flowers of this plant makes it good choice for garden and parks.

Height: 1.2m high

Planting tips: Plant 1m apart for a thick display, hedge.

Soil type: Well drained and moist soil is helpful for this plants development.

Aspect: Full sun or half shade is most suitable choice for this plants development.

Pruning:  Pruned annually helps this plant to stay healthy and green throughout the year and offer plenty of flowers.

Water requirement: Regular medium watering in both garden and pots are helping this plant for quick and healthy growth.  It is making the plant’s root area cool and moist.

Feeding: Small release of good fertilizer before blooming months keep this plant green and active throughout the productive seasons

Pests and problems: Less or no problems arise with proper maintained atmosphere.

Climate: Australia wide.