Waterhousia Floribunda – Weeping Lilly Pilly

Waterhousia Floribunda – Weeping Lilly Pilly

Waterhousia floribunda is commonly known as Weeping lilly pilly and belongs from Myrtaceae. East coast rainforests like north Queensland and central coast area of New South Wales are considered as natural habitants and wildly grown regions of this plant. This evergreen plant is used as attractive specimen, hedging and screen plant for decoration. October to January are basically considered as flowering time of this plant while it is loaded with white color duster flowers. This fast growing plant is also mentioned as pot plant that is used in both garden and parks.

Height:  5 meter and Width: 3 meter.

Uses: This is known as an ornamental plant used in small garden and parks as shade and specimen tree for better attraction and climate.

Planting tips: Good availability of water and light area is generally considered as most suitable for this plant.

Soil type: Well drained, deep moist sandy or light clay with alluvial loams types soils are the right option for this plant growth and development.

Aspect: Full sun light and half shade are suitable for this plants growth.

Pruning: This plant is required little or no pruning but some time it is essential before early spring to maintain smaller screen and hedge for healthy and active growth.

Water requirement: Regular medium watering helps this plant to look green and healthy.

Feeding: Fertilizer during early spring and autumn boosts productivity of this plant.

Pests and problems: Good maintenance and watering keeps this plant away from any sorts of problems.

Climate: Most parts of Australia.