Viola Hederacea – Native Violets

Viola Hederacea – Native Violet

Viola hederacea is one of the species of violet and belongs to the Violaceae family. This plant is commonly known as Native Violet, which is mentioned as native plant of Australia and widely available in Tasmania, Victoria, north New South Wales and Barrington regions. It creates a dense ground cover and flowers profusely most of the year especially June to March with delicate flowers – white with pale violet middle.

Height:  20cm high

Uses: This plant is considered suitable to use in rockeries, hanging baskets, pots, mass plantings, and ground cover works to make any surrounding more attractive.

Planting: Native violets bloom well in well drained and moist soil condition with proper water and light conditions.

Soil type: Moist with well drained soil and compost is mentioned as most required element for this plants growth.

Aspect:  Prefers cool and moist areas, partial shade during summer is ideal.

Pruning: Not needed

Water requirement: High watering is essential for this plants growth.

Feeding: Good amount of feed during pruning time is keeping this plant healthy and active.

Pests and problems: Beware of aphids and slugs

Climate: Native to Australia.


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