Vinca Minor – Dwarf Periwinkle

Vinca Minor – Dwarf Periwinkle

Vinca minor also known as Dwarf periwinkle and Lesser periwinkle, is a shrub local to central as well as southern Europe, from France and Portugal. Vinca minor is vine like ground cover, expanding along the ground as well as rooting along the stalks to form big clonal colonies and sporadically scrambling up to forty centimeters tall but never climbing or twinning.

Height: 40 cm high, by up to 1m wide

Uses: This plant is generally grown as a ground cover within temperate gardens regarding its evergreen foliage

Planting tips: It performs well in partial to full shade.

Soil type: Perform its best within rich, evenly damp, well drained soil in partly shade; however it’s adjustable to soils of minimum productiveness, soils of different pH and sporadically drought; however it isn’t tolerant of full sun.

Pruning: Pruning these plants in spring gives a superior flowering display all through the year. Proper pruning also keeps the growth in check as well as enhance overall plant health.

Water requirement: It requires adequate water in summer but shouldn’t be over watered.

Pests and problem: It can be affected by aphids, so be watchful for this. It might be subject to rust as well.

Climate: South Australian regions suit this plant’s growth the most.


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