Trachelospermum ‘Tri-colour’ – Confederate Jasmine!

Trachelospermum ‘Tri-colour’ – Confederate Jasmine!

With its perfumed jasmine like flowers, Trachelospermum or Tri-colour’ is often called as star jasmine. Its evergreen plant makes it a wonderful hiker for a bright, sheltered spot within mild locations of the United Kingdom. Elsewhere it could be grown under coat of a green-house or conservatory.

Height: Three to six feet

Uses: Precious scented oil is mined from the vapor distilled or tinctured flower and utilized in high-end perfumery. In thin form, tinctured floras are much utilized Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese incenses. A bast fiber is also produced from the stems.

Planting tips: This plant thrives well in extremely free draining soil of modest to high fertility. Dappled shade or full sun is needed, with protection from drying, cold winds. A west or south-east facing wall would be great. However spring or autumn is the best time to plant.

Soil type: It favors neutral to alkaline soil condition, but will also grow well in a little acid soil.

Water requirement: You should water the plants freely throughout the growing season to make sure that they do not dry out. You should water carefully throughout the winter, enabling the outside of the dung to dry out amid watering.

Feeding: You can feed this plant with general fertilizer like blood fish, rowmore and Vitax

Pruning:  This plant requires a very little pruning. Maintenance pruning should be done in spring. You can also take expert advice while looking to prune it.

Climate: It grows very well in Australia


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