Tibouchina jules – Tibouchina

Tibouchina jules – Tibouchina

Tibouchina naturally occurs within the rainforests of South Africa, West Indies, Mexico, especially in Brazil wherever the heaps of purple blossoms of Tibouchina are utilized to adorn the cathedral at Easter. This species grows well in most of the part of Australia.

Height: It usually grows from 5m to 15m tall

Uses: A heavily purple flowering smallish tree.

Planting tips: You should prepare the soil nicely before planting. The soil must be light as well as friable with first-class drainage. Add liberal amounts of manure to the region previous to digging the hole. Ensure that the position is sunny as well as well drained.

Soil type: The soil should be acidic enough for the proper growth of this kind of tree. if the soil isn’t acidic enough, then the leaf of this tree can burn at the edges and turn brown as well. However, the soil acidity could be improved by incorporating sulphur around the roots.

Water requirements: It requires proper watering for encouraging the growth of new root. However, less watering is required in the months of winter.

Pruning: Tip pruned your recently obtained Jules in the time of planting. This will encourage bushy growth. If it’s in full flower, take pleasure in the blooms before trimming.

Pest and problems: No real pest problem can found in this plant.

Climate: Most of the Australian climate suits this plant especially in New South Wales.


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