Syzygium Paniculata Dwarf – Magenta Lilly Pilly

Syzygium Paniculata Dwarf – Magenta Lilly Pilly

Syzygium paniculata dwarf is one of the excellent type of screening plant, which is commonly known as Dwarf Scrub Cherry, Magenta Cherry, and Magenta Lilly Pilly. This plant is having more than 500 species in which 52 well known in Australia and its closer locations. Rainforests is the natural habitat of this plant. This kind of evergreen plant flowers in white color from starts of the spring to end of the summer. This kind of ornamental plant is adding more colors and attraction in different commercial and personal settings.

Height: 1 – 1.5 meter and Width: 1 – 1.5 meter

Uses: This plant is considered as excellent option as screening plant.

Planting tips: This kind of plant is well grown in rainforest regions and soils, so you must select these sorts of facilities before you start planting.

Soil type: Well drained soil with good food supplement is more helpful for this plant’s quick and healthy growth.

Aspect: Full sun and half shade.

Pruning: Light or medium pruning is keeping this plant well developed and green or productive. It is required before blooming seasons for better production.

Water requirement: Medium water in regular basis and a good amount of water during dry season.

Feeding: Minimal feed before blooming months is helping this plant for staying active and green. Annual fertilizer also helps this.

Pests and problems: Minimal problems arise due to pests attack.

Climate: Suitable for most of the regions of Australia.