Syzygium ‘Cascade’ – Weeping Lilly Pilly

Syzygium ‘Cascade’ – Weeping Lilly Pilly

Syzygium ‘Cascade’ is an Australia native plant, which is known as Weeping Lilly Pilly. This evergreen shrub is commonly known as Syzygium ‘Cascade’ and belongs from lilly pilly family. This plant grows into one very thick, bushy shrub with little care and maintenance. This plant is suitable for decorative and landscaping works to make any location more attractive and beautiful.  Early spring to end spring is generally considered as flowering time with yellow and pink color leaves as well.

Height: Two to Three meter and Width: 1.5 meter

Uses: This is considered as an excellent specimen plant within both gardens and large pots. This plant is mostly used within the commercial and personal setting to boost the beauty and look.

Planting tips: Open space or large pots with good moist soil and water is considered as most suitable for this planting.

Soil type: Enriched soil, mildly alkaline and mildly acidic are most preferable options for this plant development.

Aspect: Full sun or part shade

Pruning: It is also more essential before blooming seasons to keep this plant healthy and productive. Trimming is also essential to keep this plant in well shape and attractive.

Water requirement: Medium watering on a regular basis keeps this plant root cool and moist, which is keeping this plant healthy and active throughout the year. Good amount of water during dry season is always essential.

Feeding: Organic fertilizer during spring will kept this plant healthy and active.

Pests and problems: Few problems

Climate:  Australia wide