Syzygium ‘Aussie Southern’ – Aussie Southern Lilly Pilly

Syzygium ‘Aussie Southern’ – Aussie Southern Lilly Pilly

Syzygium ‘Aussie Southern’ is a fast growing and compact shrub that is also native to the southern parts of Australia. This is in fact a small shrub or tree and having glossy like appearance and having dark-green leaves. These leaves can have bronze-tinged during their fresh growth. The flowers of this shrub are fluffy and then they are followed by the dark-red berries later on. It also belongs to the Syzygium austral species.

Height: This shrub can grow 2 to 4 meter in height and can spread up to 2 meter. .

Uses: This type of shrub can be best used as the tub or screen specimen, as it can survive in a great way despite regular pruning.

Planting tips: Regular pruning can be done for this shrub and this will not affect its overall growth. And in this way, you can also use this plant as the specimen in the tub. It also has good frost resistant.

Soil type: This shrub can grow under most of the soil conditions. However, moist soil is what can support this shrub’s growth in a good way. The moist and well drained soil is where you can grow this plant in a better mean.

Aspect: It can grow under full sun as well as partial shade.

Pruning: This shrub can withstand against regular pruning in a great manner. Regular pruning will not affect its overall growth and health.

Water requirement: It requires water for growth but it can also last during the frost time. So, it can withstand even during the poor conditions.

Feeding:  Feeding of this plant can be done regularly when you are using it as the tub or screen specimen. Under this condition, the shrub is pruned regularly, so it will surely need the best native fertilizers to survive.

Pests and problems: Sometime pest attack can affect the new growth.

Climate: Australia wide.

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