Strelitzia Reginae – Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia Reginae – Bird of Paradise

Strelitzia reginae is considered as a monocotyledonous blossoming plant, native to South Africa. Its common name comprises Bird of Paradise, Crane Flower or Strelitzia, although these names are jointly applied to other class in the species Strelitzia. This plant grows to 2 meters with big strong leaves twenty five to seventy centimeter long and ten to thirty centimeter broad. The leaves are evergreen as well as organized in 2 ranks, creating a fan shaped crown.

Height: Two meters tall

Uses: The fascinating blossoms are sold as slash flowers and also utilized in floral arrangements. In warmer climates they’re utilized as street planting as well as urban landscapes.

Planting tips: Strelitzia reginae is a very easy shrub to grow inside the garden and this type of plant perform well in complete sun to semi shade. It should be watered throughout the year. They’re also wind defiant and grow well within coastal gardens.

Soil type: It prefers rich loamy soil

Pruning: It require pruning during the early winter

Water requirement: This plant should be water properly but then must be allowed to dry out completely ahead of re-watering.

Feeding: Throughout the summer this plant requires abundance sunlight and ventilation. You should feed it one time a week with photogene feed to assist support new leaves as well as flower spikes.

Pests and problems: No serious problem in this plant but you should be watchful about scale and mealybugs.

Climate: Does well in most Australian regions


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