Rosa ‘Iceberg’ Standard – Rose ‘Iceberg’

Rosa ‘Iceberg’ Standard – Rose ‘Iceberg’

Rosa ‘Iceberg’ Standard is one of the greatest Floribunda standard roses and it produce big bunches of medium sized flippantly double flowers which are mostly clean white but sometimes are traced with pink at late summer. It continuously flowers from very early in the season, most of the time in the winter. Rosa ‘Iceberg’ Standard forms a large, extremely bushy, well formed head of escalation with sleek, light-green quite narrow leaves as well as slender, smooth stems. There’s a light and sweet fragrance.

Height: It can grow up to 6 to 7 feet tall

Uses: It can be used as a decorative plant

Planting tips: These plant tolerate shade, however they perform nicely in sun as well. These plants are also suitable in northern tropical areas.

Soil type: Loam soils are the best for the growth of this plant. However, they also required well drained soil for the best growth. However, you can enrich any soil type suitable for this plant by adding proper fertilizer in it.

Pruning: The early spring as well as the late winter is the best time to prune Rosa ‘Iceberg’ Standard. Keep in mind that proper pruning is essential for such plant, so you should consult with an expert before pruning it.

Water requirement: Regular watering is required for the best growth of this plant. However you should not overwater it.

Pests and problems: Although this plant good disease resistant power but still some pets might attack this plant. So be careful about it.

Climate: Most Australian regions suits this plant


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