Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’ – Black Locust Robinia

Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’ – Black Locust Robinia

Robinia pseudoacacia commonly called as the Black Locust, is a plant within the subfamily Faboideae of pea family Fabaceae. it’s local to the southeastern US, however has been extensively planted as well as naturalized somewhere else in Southern Africa, Europe, Asia and North America are considered an enveloping species in some regions. False is a less frequently utilized name of this plant.

Height: Up to 15 meters tall

Uses: Used as an attractive foliage tree with its bright yellow foliage. The wood of this tree are very hard and resistant to decompose making it a great for flooring, furniture, fence posts, paneling as well as small watercraft.

Planting tips:  Plant in well drained soil in full sun.

Soil type: Loamy type of soil suits best for this tree growth.

Pruning: Pruning of Robinia pseudoacacia ‘Frisia’ could be a tough task since its thorns are large and awkward. However, this kind of tree require regular pruning to keep them in proper shape. there are different pruning techniques available over the internet that you can use to prune this kind of tree in the best possible manner.

Water requirements: It require regular watering

Pest and problem: Leaf spots, wood rot, borers, caterpillars, scale insects, leaf miners, weevils, powdery mildew, heart rot, whiteflies as well as Verticillium can create problem in the tree. Suckers also can be a problem that should be solved quickly.

Climate: Australia wide.


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