Robinia Inermis ‘Moptop’ – Moptop Robinia

Robinia Inermis ‘Moptop’ – Moptop Robinia

Robinia inermis ‘Moptop’ is a small grafted tree to about five meter tall with a width of four meters. Its leaves are dark green as well as the branches and trunks have an excellent textured bark. The tree has a beautiful rounded figure with a solitary tall truck. This type of tree grows well in cool temperate as well as temperate climates.

Height: 5 to 10 meters height

Uses: These trees are a commonly grown tree suitable for several different styles of garden, however they look best in a formal, country or cottage garden. Due to its limited size it has been used widely on smaller suburban blocks.

Planting tips: Robinias prefer cooler, temperate climates.

Soil type: It require loamy soil for the best growth

Aspect: Grows well in full sun.

Pruning: Prune to keep in shape. Pruning is required in regular interval as the plant can become dense and cause problems to the nearby plants and trees.

Water requirements: Regular watering is required for the best growth. However, you should avoid over watering.

Pests and problems: Pests can attack this tree in different seasons, so you should spray the required pest control in regular interval. Watch out for potential suckering.

Climate: Importantly Robinias require a temperate climate for best growth, namely the Australian southern regions.


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