Rhapis Excelsa – Lady Palm

Rhapis Excelsa – Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa is kind of evergreen indoor plant belongs from palms categories and Arecaceae family.  This plant is also known as Lady Palm and basically native to most of the parts of China and Taiwan. Now, this plant is getting more popularity and indoor décor plant through which homeowner can add more beauty and attractive look within their property area. This palm is one of the quickest growing plant that require little care and maintenance as per different regions requirement and climate.

Height: 2.4-3 m and Spacing: 3-3.6 m as well

Uses: Screen, border, specimen, mass planting, container as well as above-ground planter, accent, naturalizing, and suitable for indoors

Planting tips: Planting year around suitable for this plant growth and establishment.

Soil type: Loose, rich potting media include sand and pebbles to boost drainage for better growth of this plant.

Aspect: Full sun or less shade is more helpful for this plant growth

Pruning:  Its require before booming month to keep this plant healthy and pests free.

Water requirement: This plant never required deep watering in regular basis. Only in summer regular watering require including proper drainage system for healthy growth.  In case of winter water percentage vary as per temperature and condition.

Feeding: Slow release of pellets before the growing months helps this plant a lot but do not feed this plant during winter.

Pests and problems: No diseases mostly appear within this plant.

Climate: Most of the parts of Australia and many other regions suitable for this plant growth.


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