Raphiolepis – India Hawthorn

Raphiolepis indica – India Hawthorn

Raphiolepis is an evergreen low growing shrub with a compact, dense and rounded habit.  This plant is commonly known as India hawthorn and belongs from Rosaceae as well.  This is a low maintenance plant that produces showy white color flowers include pink stamens in between early autumn to late spring as well.  This beautiful plant is also excellent choice for low hedging, pots

Height: one or one half meter and a spread one or one half meter as well.

Uses: Hardy shrub is suitable for any location including commercial and home gardens.

Planting Tips: Raphiolepis is basically known as low maintenance plant that requires little care and fertiliser for flowering during spring.

Soil Type: Adaptable and hardy to most soil type however prefers enriched as well as well drained suitable for this plant for quick and healthy growth.

Aspect: Complete sun light or light shade helps this plant for quick growth.

Pruning:  It is also more essential before flowering time to keep it’s root area clear and reduce the unwanted parts from this plant to keep this plant healthy.

Water requirement: This plant requires medium watering in regular basis as per climate and soil type.

Pests and problems: Commonly this plant is free from pests as well as diseases but some care is always helpful to keep it healthy.

Climate: Raphiolepis is suitable for most of Australia regions.


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