Protea Spp – Protea

Protea Spp – Protea

Protea spp is both the English common name and botanical name of a species of South African flowering shrubs. Sometime it is also called sugarbush. The species Protea was named in the year of 1735 by Carl Linnaeus following the Proteus and Greek, who could alter his appearance at will, since Protea spp have such an extensive variety of appearances.

Height:  It grows up to five meter tall

Uses:  Apart from its beautiful shape and colour, the plant also has medicinal uses. In ancient time this plant was used to treat the chest disorder.

Planting tips: Protea spp are ideal for utilize in low maintenance and low water utilized garden. They take pleasure the similar condition as native. This plant likes an open and sunny position. Keep in mind that excess humidity can knock out them.

Soil type: They even do well in very poor soil and many do not mind salty or coastal areas. However, they can do really well in places where the soil isn’t too frosty and well drained as well.

Pruning: It’s rarely essential to prune Protea spp. Pruning should be performed in early spring, following flowering has stopped. The most fundamental means to trip is to deadhead. You should utilize harder pruning to shape the plants.

Water requirement: Average watering is required for this plant growth.

Pests and problem: Protea spp are prone to huge varieties of pests and diseases. In this regard you should be careful about it.

Climate: They fit extremely well in the Australian local landscape. Brisbane is a suitable region for this plant growth.


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