Podocarpus Elatus – Plum Pine or Brown Pine

Podocarpus Elatus – Plum Pine or Brown Pine

Podocarpus elatus also called as the Brown Pine or the Plum Pine is a class of Podocarpus prevalent to the east-coast of Australia, eastern Queensland and New South Wales. In fact, it’s a medium size evergreen tree. The leaves of this tree are lanceolate and the seed are dark in color and look like berry with fleshy base.

Height: 30 to 36 meter tall and the leaves are 5 to 15cm long.

Uses: The plump piece of the seed funnel is safe to eat, utilized in condiments. The wood was prized for furniture, boat planking, joinery, lining as well as piles within salt water. Most importantly Podocarpus elatus is an eye-catching ornamental tree. In fact, in older Australian outer edge it can be seen as a street tree.

Planting tips: Plant in a well drained soil.

Soil type: It is an evergreen tree and grows well in light, heavy and medium soil. Most importantly the soil should be well drained.

Aspects: This is a fast growing tree and takes eight to ten years to mature.

Pruning: No pruning required.

Water requirement: No regular watering is required

Feeding: Not needed.

Climate: Most Australian conditions are good for the growth of this tree. However, South Australia fits best for the growth of this tree.


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