Poa ‘Suggan Buggan’ – Common Tussock-Grass

Poa ‘Suggan Buggan’ – Common Tussock-Grass

Poa ‘Suggan Buggan’ is also known as the common tussock grass and it grows in most Australian regions. This is a native grass and it can have evergreen foliage which is blue as well as graceful.  They can be 15cm in height after the flowering time. They have upright stems and the flowers are blue that aging to the straw.

Height: After flowering, the height of this grass can remain around 15cm.

Uses: This sort of grass can be used for generating a great display at the garden. As this is the evergreen grass type, you can also use it at other places for planting.

Planting tips: The Poa ‘Suggan Buggan’ requires enough space for plantation. Without having space, this grass cannot breathe properly and its overall growth will hamper.

Soil type: It can grow in a wide range of soil type but space should be there for it to grow properly.

Aspect: This is an ever green grass and the flowers are blue. This is also the best blue-leaved grass that you will ever grow.

Pruning: After the flowering time, this grass can be shaped or pruned. The height of this grass can be limited to 15cm after the flowering season.

Water requirement: It requires watering but it can also develop greatly at the damp areas.

Feeding:  Feeding this grass can be a good task during the time of pruning.

Pests and problems: Apart from pest attacks, this grass can also hamper in terms of its growth if it will not find enough space.

Climate: Australia wide.