Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’ – Flax Lily ‘Yellow Wave’

Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’ – Flax Lily ‘Yellow Wave’

Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’ is commonly known as flax lily ‘Yellow Wave’ and belong from Hemerocallidaceae family. This plant is an evergreen perennial creating a big leathery and strap shaped leaves include tubular flowers within month of summer. This beautiful plant is belongs from Perennial category and origin of New Zealand. Now, this plant is cultivated in most of parts of the world regarding different purpose.

Height: 3-4 feet and Width: 3-4 feet

Uses: This plant is used as specimen, accent, and container plant.

Planting tips: Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’ is a good growing plant in most of the climatic and soil types. So, one can get better outcome from this plant by making sufficient care and its requirement.

Soil type:  Well drained and moist soil includes Acid, Alkaline or Neutral and Sand or loam types suitable for this plant growth.

Aspect: Full sun and Shade location is suitable for this plant development.

Pruning:   During spring you must keep damaged and dead leaves away from this plant for smoother growth.       

Water requirement: Medium water in regular basis keep this plant root moist and cool.

Feeding: Little fertilize before booming months helpful for this plant for better production.

Pests and problems: Phormium ‘Yellow Wave’ is mentioned as a disease free plant, so it can boom well with little care and maintenance. However, Phormium mealybug can cause some problems for this plant development.

Climate: This plant is native to Australia

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