Phormium ‘Bronze Warrior’ – New Zealand Flax

Phormium ‘Bronze Warrior’ – New Zealand Flax

Phormium or Bronze Warrior is a bunch forming plant with wonderful rich purple colored plants. It produces flowers in summer. This is also a low maintenance plant and idea for containers, pool areas as well as a feature plant inside garden beds. It is an excellent coastal plant.  It flowers from last spring to mid-summer.

Height: It can grow to a height of six feet or more than it.

Uses:  As having beautiful flowers it can be used as an excellent ornamental plant. It can be used in your patios as well.

Planting tips: It can tolerate most soils. Full sun or part shade is ideal for this plant growth.

Soil type: It can grow well in ordinary soil, developed soil, mildly acidic to mildly alkaline soil.

Pruning: It require regular pruning. However, you should take expert advice before pruning it. An expert can suggest you what is the perfect time of pruning and what tools should be used for the best possible result.

Water requirement: It requires regular watering; however excess watering should be avoided to keep the plant in better condition.

Feeding: You should feed the plant with proper fertilizer in a timely manner. In this regarding you can take expert advice.

Pests and problems: Mealybugs and scales can be found in this plant. In this regard, you can spray required pesticides as per the expert recommendation to save the plant from any damage.

Climate: It grows well in cold climate, hence most of the Australian regions suits this plant.


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