Phoenix Roebelenii – Miniature Date Palm

Phoenix Roebelenii – Dwarf Date Palm

Phoenix roebelenii with general names of dwarf date palm and pygmy date palm is a genus of date palm local to the south-eastern Asia, from Yunnan Province, northern Vietnam and northern Laos. However, this is a minute to medium sized, steady growing slender plant growing up to two to three meters tall. The leaves are sixty to one hundred twenty centimetres long, pinnate with about hundred leaflets organized in a solitary plane. The flowers of this tree are tiny, yellowish, produced over a forty five centimetres inflorescence.

Height: 2 to 3 meters tall

Uses:  This type of plants really looks nice in entry ways and patios. You can utilize bunches of these palms as samplings and to dish up as main points in a bunch planting of annuals. It is also used a hedge.

Planting tips: This plant does well while kept in filtered light, however it also flourish in full sunlight.

Soil type: It likes fertile and well drained soil with moderate moisture

Pruning:  You should prune it in regular interval to keep it in shape and proper condition.

Water requirement:  Water carefully, making the blend barely damp throughout the rest period. While active growth starts, increase quantity of water slowly and water in abundance throughout the active growth duration, giving adequate to keep the blend thoroughly moist.

Feeding: You should apply usual liquid fertilizer to the established shrubs once each 2 weeks throughout only the active growth period.

Pests and problems: There are several varieties of scale insects can attack this plant, so be cautious about it.

Climate: It grows well in most of the Australian region.


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