Pennisetum Rubrum – Red Fountain Grass

Pennisetum Rubrum – Red Fountain Grass

Pennisetum rubrum is an extremely showy selection of fountain grass appears mostly in containers as well as feature borders.  This plant is commonly known as Red fountain grass and Purple fountain grass.  It is also belongs from Poaceae family and origin of central Africa.  This is an evergreen plant include Purple and red color foliage. Summer is considered as the flowering time of this plant with Burgundy colour flower stems. This plant is widely used in home, commercial and park area to make its surrounding attractive.

Height: Four to Five Feet and Width: Three to four feet.

Uses:  This plant is widely used or popular for municipal plantings and decorative purpose. Excellent foliage contract.

Planting tips: Well drained soil and light is beneficial for this planting.

Soil type: Well drained, sandy soils are most helpful for this plants growth

Aspect: Full sun

Pruning: Require to remove unwanted and self-sown seedlings from the root area of this plant during spring keep this plant healthy and grown comfortably. Require some protection from cold of winter and wet.

Water requirement: Medium water is suitable for this plant growth.

Feeding: Slow release of fertilizer after pruning is helping this plant for comfortable growth.

Pests and problems: None of note

Climate: Australia wide