Ophiopogon Japonicus – Mondo Grass

Ophiopogon Japonicus – Mondo Grass

Ophiopogon Japonicus is well known as Mondo grass. This plant is mostly native to woodlands and sandy forests of Korea and Japan. This is an evergreen plant bloom pale lilac flowers during summer and follow by blue fruits. This is an ideal choice to plant around the base area of tree and sandy regions within inland gardens with complete sun light.

Height:  20cm – 40cm high

Uses: Outstanding option for ground cover for protected and sheltered small areas. It is also used as border around the beds, edging walkways, defining beds and foundation plantings as well.

Planting tips: This evergreen plant is well developed in moist and cool soil like shade and around plant area with regular watering facilities for comfortable growth and development.

Soil type: Tough, however well drained and fertile soil are more helpful for this plants growth.

Aspect: Shade or partial sun

Pruning: With medium maintenance with well prepared soil and water is more essential for this plants development.

Water requirement: Medium water and regular water in dry season is keeping this plant evergreen and active.

Feeding: Small release of fertiliser once in a year will improve the growth rate of this plant.

Pests and problems: No major disease or insect appears as problems for this plant.

Climate: Widely available in Australia.


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