Olea Europa Cvs – Edible Olive

Olea Europa Cvs – Edible Olive

Olea europa cvs is an evergreen plant with a thick spreading cap of sleek grey-green to dark-green flora. Leaves of this plant are grey-green to dark green upper and grayish below. Sprays of minute perfumed white to greenish flower are pursued by minute, spherical, finely flesh fruits that ripen purple black. Its common name is edible Olive.

Height: 2 to 15 m. tall

Uses: An attractive tree in its own right. However these trees are generally grown for olive production.

Planting tips: Don’t plant the tree near to patios, swimming pools or walls because its root system can sometimes be aggressive. Add an abundance of compost within the planting areas as well as apply a dense layer for protecting the surface of the soil.

Soil type: It can grow very well in dry soil with a temperature about five to forty degree Celsius.

Pruning: No extreme pruning is required for the plant

Water requirements: This plant has a good water holding capacity, so need for regular watering. During the winter you don’t require to water the plant at all.

Pests and problems: No serious pest problem found in this plant. However you should be careful about scale.

Climate: Hardy and drought tolerant, this tree will grow Australia wide. Southern Australia region is very suitable for this plant growth. It grows well in this region because of its climate.


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