Nandina Domestica – Sacred Bamboo

Nandina Domestica – Sacred Bamboo

Nandina domestica is an evergreen shrub includes three pinnate leaves and white excellent fragrant flowers. This plant commonly known as heavenly bamboo or sacred bamboo belongs from deciduous shrub type and Berberidaceae family as well. Nandina domestica is also having a native range from India to Japan and now available in most of the parts of the world as well.

Height: 1 to 2m and Width: 1m or less

Uses: Will naturalize and Hedge as well.

Planting tips: Planting preparation can vary as per different climatic condition and soil types within various regions of the world.

Soil type:  This plant easily boosts in medium and average moisture regions and good drained soil include full sun as well as shade.

Aspect: Complete sun light and shade light suitable for this plant.

Purring: Nandina domestica requires pruning after the growing season for quick and comfortable growth.  It is also depend on the soil and climate types.

Water requirement: This plant is required medium water and maintenance for booming and growth as well. During summer regular watering keep this plant green and active.

Feeding: Average feeding require

Pests and problems: Some parts of Nandina domestica are become poisonous if its ingested.

Climate:  For the easy growth of Nandina domestica is require different climatic conditions as per several regions such as: frost-free climate, mild winter, dry and Mediterranean climate for healthy growth.  Now, this plant widely available in most parts of Australia.


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